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Jaicen / Jun 25, 2014
The background will be made soon.

Attendance is low, so I'm guessing no one will see most of these things. Everyone is out doing personal things or not gaming.

I started a Jade Empire group on Steam.
It seems that for some reason most of us are actually playing, without each other knowing. Already I see 10 folks online and some of you I've played with recently...but just don't know we are online.

So for the sake of us atleast knowing we are all online:

Here is the steam group -

Its Free, its easy to join, add each other is friends...etc etc.

Jaicen / May 14, 2014
It Wednesday! So an update to everything is necessary!

Going to address some things officially and unofficially.

Since Landmark is our "Premier" game in this community, I decided to also make a Steam group. It will sort of feed off of the same announcements and events we do here in game...except!! Since Steam and Landmark will be integrated more over time. Being in a Steam group will help keep up with things we are into.

The Empire is expanding: Guild Wars 2, Landmark, RIFT, SWTOR, ESO. alot.
So make sure you add each other, the easiest way to catch up with what each of us is doing is to add the games you play to Steam.

Click Here On How To Add Your Games To Steam

That way when one of us is on or playing the game we are playing we can meet up with them. Think of it as a pro-active friends list :)

You should visit the Steam Group as well to join it.


You will notice changes to Teamspeak. I decided to keep it going a little longer, pending future donations. We are a community and although its in my name its for everyone. Yes there are free ones out there (but trust me when I say they are horrible quality, prone to constantly go down when you need them most, or just not worth it. Plus I got these slots on a cheap deal lol.
The Teamspeak is organized by who plays what. Its no longer the "Landmark Official Teamspeak" Its "Our Teamspeak" So have fun.

I suggest that people use the teamspeak and stay in there rather than jumping in and leaving. I see a log and it appears folks jump in hoping someone is there and then leave, if you stay in the channel (And move around!!) it will entice people who cross the channel to join in on the same thing.
Example: Aren goes afk and forgets he is in the channel sometimes...but no one knows that, but we all still flock to the channel he left himself in because we think he is there.

Start adding images and what not and if you have suggestions on changes you'd like, please tell us :)

Thanks all and have fun.